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ISA Offers 2 Hours of CE Credits for Washington and Oregon State Electricians 

Northwest Sign Council  submitted two ISA online learning courses to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, and the courses were approved for 2 hours of continuing education credit.

These two courses are Sign Installer’s Guide: Safety and Sign Installer’s Guide: Electrical Sign Installation. Both courses must be taken in order to receive the continuing education credits. You will receive a registration discount of 25% off each course when you use the discount code: NWSC_CEU.  Just click the "Enter Discount Code" button before you proceed to payment.

The Sign Installer’s Guide: Safety course introduces the sign installer to various safety and risk prevention measures that should be followed during the sign installation process. This course covers a wide variety of safety considerations that professionals in the sign industry should be aware of before undertaking a signage project, including the steps to take to ensure safety from electrocution.

Price: Member: $50; Nonmember: $150
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The Sign Installer's Guide: Electrical Sign Installation course delves into basic information pertaining to the installation and maintenance of electrical signs. The course covers all of the major requirements and considerations, from complying with NFPA 70E standard and working effectively with your local inspector, to using lockout devices and field-installed wiring in EMCs.

Price: Member: $50; Nonmember: $150
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This rule applies to facilities that use paints/coatings which include the following Hazardous Air Pollutants: chromium, lead, manganese, nickel, or cadmium. If your paints do NOT contain these HAPs, or if you apply the paint by brush or roller, you must file either: 1) petition of exemption, or 2) compliance notification. Owners or operators of a spray coating operation that do nothing may be subject to violation. If you do spray these HAPs, you need to file a notification with the EPA of your compliance with their requirements. These requirements include:

- Employee training
- Efficient spray guns
- 98% efficient booth and mixing room filters
- Approved prep booth (no open air spraying)
- Approved gun cleaner

The rule also applies to any paint stripping operations that involve the use of methylene chloride. You can find an easy to read summary at Click here for the full rule which details exactly who is affected and what needs to be done to comply.

The employee training can be outsourced (some paint suppliers and distributors do these trainings) or can be done in house.
EPA rule: Full_HAPs6H_Rule
EPA information site: